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Freedom From Mental Slavery

Freedom From Mental Slavery

"The music industry has always been about money dont get it confused....its a business first and foremost......record COMPANY....keyword here is COMPANY.....the black music sector hands us shit because WE DELIVER SHITTY MUSIC because WE DEMAND SHITTY MUSIC.....Raheem DeVaughn cant blow up because the masses want Chris Brown.....Vivian Greene and the like take a backseat to Beyonce and JLo.....if pure artistry was what its about and the masses clamoured for it that is what we'd get......we get Lil Wayne over Joel Ortiz.....we get Future over Joey Badass and his Pro Era click....real hip hop is dead and the southern rappers are holding the smoking gun.....every other genre is doing what its always done.....make great music for its supporters.....we are getting nothing more than what we expect"

Madflow & Prickly Pear - Take it back (Official Video)


Prickly Pear Presents : Select the Raw Vol.2

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Prickly Pear - Vintage Instrumentals (Beat Tape)

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